Meet the President Walter Proia

Walter Proia is the President of Eagle Security Services. He has nearly 15 years of experience in the Security Industry and another 20 years of experience as an Owner and Project Manager in the Construction Industry.  Walter is efficiently trained in crisis intervention and tactical communications (Verbal Judo). Excellent communication, motivational, interpersonal, and presentation skills. Walter has worked with Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Services and FEMA for disaster and recovery assistance, where he worked his way up the ranks of Security Director. During this time he was also working to protect Government Equipment, Buildings and Personnel.

In January 2009 he was given a position as the Senior Operations Manager assigned to oversee the entire State of Michigan, where he was responsible for other Operation Managers and Supervisors. His experience brought value to ensure the delivery of high quality client service and added value through regular contact with the clients and evaluate service quality. Offering first class customer service by insuring all Managers and Supervisors maintain a consistent focus on high quality service, and provide guidance and support to the site for adding value to the client’s portfolio. In 2013 Walter was hired in as the Vice President of Eagle Security Services, where a few months later became a partner. 

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